Witbe Earth, part of the Witbe Galaxy

What is the Witbe Central System?

If the Witbe Robots are the hands of the Witbe Galaxy, creating data, the Witbe Central System is the nervous system of the Witbe Galaxy, transforming raw data into exploitable information. In pre-production, it focusses on Test & Validation test plans, in order to detect regressions across versions. In production, it focuses on Operation teams in order to provide them with real-time alerting, live troubleshooting and exploitable data. The main goal being to detect an issue before it is experienced by the End-User, which can only be done when the metrics presented are relevant. The Witbe Central System is also able to target QA & Engineering teams in order to offer them metrics and tools that will let them analyze their design choices. Leading them to understanding the impact of their choices on the quality that is truly delivered, the Witbe Central System enables these teams to optimize their Services much more efficiently, reducing, in the end, the costs of doing so.

Getting the right information to the right people and present it the right way at the right time. This is an integral part of Witbe’s mission.

Real-time Alerting

The most critical need for any Operation team is to be alerted of any issue as soon as possible. The Witbe Portal is therefore able to send alarms via email, text or SNMP trap, so that whenever a Witbe Robot detects a discrepancy, the information passes through, one way or the other.

Witbe’s latest product, Earth, displays those alerts in a much more graphic way. Versatile, Earth’s Business Dimension is able to adapt to any infrastructure, so that the focus is set on the elements of the network that matter the most. The alerts are then displayed on Earth, in real-time and fullscreen, which is the perfect fit for any NOC wall.

Once the alert is detected, the Witbe Remote Eye Controller takes over and provides Operation teams with a way to take control of any Test Device remotely. The alert gets confirmed and escalated to the proper support level, even before the End-User ever starts to dial the Customer Service phone number. This is real-time alerting, made relevant.

The Comparison Feature of the Witbe Portal allows you to pinpoint exactly the reason of any deterioration

Data Analytics and Optimizations

Being able to be alerted of an anomaly as soon as it is detected is great. But the goal of every QA or Engineering team is to anticipate those anomalies so that they never are experienced by End-Users. The Witbe Portal was designed with this very same goal in mind. By storing up to several months of data produced by any Witbe Robots, it allows those teams to learn from their experience. And thanks to the multiple data analytics tools included, they can transform information into knowledge and optimize their services in a way that matters.

And because sometimes you need to correlate different data sources in order to gain true insight on a Service, the Witbe Portal comes with a new “Compare” feature, that lets QA or Engineering teams combine two scenarios to try and detect possible side effects. Which is truly perfect, when working on a new Triple-Play offer or deploying a new OTT video service.

Test & Validation

In order to have to deal with as few anomalies as possible once a Service is in production, QA teams also have to work in pre-production to minimize regressions across versions. With Witbe Workbench, QA teams can now write smoke test plans and regression suites seamlessly. And thanks to the brand new Scheduler, they can deploy these campaigns on as many Devices as necessary, in literally 3 clicks. Campaigns reports are then safely stored by and accessible from the Witbe Portal, which enables them to spend more time on exterminating regressions and less time trying to hunt them down.

And if this still weren’t enough, the Witbe Dashboards come into play. These customized reports offer access to personalized metrics, which enable QA teams to have access to information in a more condensed and more relevant way. Just like Earth’s Business Dimension, the Dashboards let these teams set the focus on the metrics that matter the most, to them or their management.

Witbe Workbench is a powerful suite to set up and script Scenarios without any coding knowledge