A Word from our Co-Founders

In 1989, we created the very first Internet Operator, Oleane. It became #2 in France, right after the historical operator, thanks to many innovative ideas. Back then, we did not realize that some of these ideas were going to help us revolutionize the way we measure the quality of a service and to let us create a new company, this time with an international dimension.
We were profoundly convinced that:

  • Everything was about to become “Internet”-oriented and everything would go through the IP plug: Intranet, Internet, Voice & Video.
  • The User-Centric philosophy of the Internet world was about to revolutionize all activities, from economic activities to technology. Network, applications, data storage, everything was about to become distributed.
  • All of this was about to give a new kind of power to the End-User, but also great opportunities for those who wanted to offer new services.

We were also convinced that this would be a hard task. And that the quality would always make the difference: the true quality, the one the End-Users experience daily, not the quality guessed, extrapolated from the technical equipments. This quality was about to become much more complex to measure and to assure. Classical monitoring technologies, based on the control of the elements, were bound to become obsolete.
The monitoring and QoS were invented for and by a Network-Centric world, focussed on equipments and network streams.
As the world became Internet-oriented, it was time to change our vision: from the service to the infrastructure—not the other way around.

The solution was to stop trying to master the means, and instead aim at controlling the goals. It was time to invent a new methodology and a different technology:

  • based on User-Centric principles,
  • centered on the services and on controlling their goal: the User Experience,
  • controlling the transaction, where all the value is now located—instead of being on the infrastructure or streams as before.

Witbe was born, out of a very legitimate question: Who IThe BEst?

Only by asking ourselves the questions that matter, do we stand a chance to find the answers that matter, with the tools and the methods that matter. Our goal and ambition over the last 15 years has never changed: helping any Company offer the best service they can, despite strong technical constraints, despite the complexity, despite the lack of determinism in the method and despite the side effects created by the multiple technologies they are forced to manipulate today.

Helping them recreate their added value, in a world where some other companies, like Google or Apple, shifts this added value toward their own platforms and terminals, and where it becomes increasingly complicated to understand what’s happening, from one end to the other.

Our passion is to help taking into consideration the formidable potential of the Internet and its technologies, by giving access to information that matter, thought by and for people that come from the same world, so that you can:

  • be alerted of any dysfunction, before your clients raise the flag,
  • pro-act”—instead of react— to any service degradation that could degrade your Users’ experience,
  • control the quality truly delivered, from the conformity (“do I deliver the appropriate service?”) to the quality of Experience physiologically felt (audio and video quality).

Thank you to all our clients and co-workers, to make us follow this goal and to give us the satisfaction to matter to the greatest number.

Marie-Véronique Lacaze
President & CEO

Jean-Michel Planche
VP Technology & Innovation