What ARE QoE Monitoring Robots ?

Witbe QoE Monitoring Robots are an elaborate combination of Hardware and Software—developed by Witbe over the last 15 years—that are able to reproduce any End-User behavior: rent a movie on a VOD storefront; watch live TV and report on the quality of the video; make phone calls across whole countries; send texts and emails to other Robots; log in to Facebook and share an update or to Twitter and tweet; and so much more. In short, a Witbe Robot is a machine that is able to use any Service just like any other End-User would. In more technical terms, a Witbe Robot can be defined as an active, and yet non intrusive and holistic, probe (physical appliance or virtual machine). It is ubiquitous, and yet seamlessly integrable into any infrastructure. It has the capability to perform evolved and complex interactions with any Service, and yet is a breeze to setup.

This Witbe Robots’ capability to control Any Device, in order to interact with Any Service, while being connected to Any Network has been at the core of Witbe’s philosophy since Day 1.

Witbe Workbench Background

Working straight out of the box

One of the principles at the core of Witbe’s philosophy is to develop technologies that people enjoy and are eager to use and even to setup. The Witbe Workbench, announced earlier this year, takes the hassle out of day-to-day operating the Witbe Robots, by offering a revolutionary centralized management system. Monitor all the Devices connected to the Witbe Galaxy at a glance and take control of any one of them. Seamlessly develop scenarios to emulate any End-User behavior, thanks to the brand new Script Writer. Upgrade groups of Witbe Robots with 2 clicks. Deploy 50 scenarios on 20 devices with 3 clicks, thanks to the fully redesigned Scheduler. All these new features just add up to the magic around the Witbe Robots that first appears when it is taken out of its box, is connected to any Device, and instantly starts monitoring any Service.

Focusing on Video

When it comes to monitoring Video Services, Witbe Robots are particularly resourceful: VoD Assets Monitoring, OTT Video Services, Live TV Services, Companion App testing on a smartphone—and much more. Multiplied by the number of devices the Witbe Video Robots can be connected to (Set Top Box, smartphones, gaming console, computers, etc—and up to 8 Devices in parallel), the possibilities are truly endless.

The only piece that tops this versatility is the Witbe Video Robots capability to run “Audio/Video MOS Analysis” on any device. This algorithm, that Witbe has been working on for over 10 years, performs a psycho-acoustic and psycho-visual analysis of any video stream, in order to measure its true audio and video quality, without referential. Witbe MOS provides Broadcaster, Operators and Content Providers with a unique way to know exactly what their End-Users experience, when using their Video Services: just the kind of empowerments Witbe strives to offer.

Witbe Video Robots W4502 W3200 W500

Witbe Voice Robot

Focusing on Voice

As for Voice Services, Witbe Robots stand without blushing. Whether it is over standard ground telephone lines, or over mobile networks (2G, 3G and 4G), they monitor with ease phone calls, from Witbe Robot to Witbe Robot. “The shells will bear of both jam or crackers”: Witbe Voice Robots are also capable of running PESQ analysis on standardized sentences, to make sure the whole range of frequencies of the human speech is covered. They are also hefty enough to perform much more complex IVR scenarios in order to monitor the availability of each and every routes set up.

Focusing on Data

15 years ago, Witbe was born and offered its first Robots that were already focussing on Data, on the Internet. And what started as a mean to monitor the End-to-End network quality, based on TCP, UDP or ICMP protocols, quickly evolved into a mean to monitor any DNS, FTP, HTTP, POP, IMAP or SMTP service or Web services. Many acronyms that highlight the fact that the Witbe Data Robots are Data-monitoring-ready.

Taking control of any Computer or Smartphone/Tablet, the Witbe Robots can also perform more complex Web or Applicative scenarios to monitor the availability and performance of any web site, intranet or application. Taking into consideration that Citrix monitoring is still within their range, they are the Swiss Army knives of Witbe Robots.

Witbe Nano Robot

Witbe Comparison Feature with Smartping Technology

The Smartping©

Over the last 15 years, Witbe has developed a unique algorithm to measure the End-to-End network quality through heterogeneous and globalized infrastructures: the Smartping©. It analyzes the routes used for service delivery, measuring their quality, and produces a standardized score, representing the overall network quality. The Smartping© is therefore capable of locating the bottlenecks of a network and of identifying the actors who operate these segments in the infrastructure, offering total control to Broadcasters and Operators.

Combined with other type of tests (like OTT or Applicative), the Smartping© reveals its full potential: it assesses the impact of network degradations on the quality of the service truly delivered and provides Broadcasters and Operators with the perfect tool to understand and optimize their Services. Combined with Witbe MOS, Witbe Smartping© leads to significant infrastructure optimizations and better services.