Why is Quality of Experience important?

Why is Quality of Experience important?

Qoe Meaning

QoE means Quality of Experience and focuses on the user viewpoint of experience. Differing from the Quality of Service (QoS), QoE is a measurement of how the end-users are experience the services.

Before the internet era, it was easy to see if your services were working or not. Because the delivery chain was linear, if everything was working according to plan, then you could expect that the end-user's experience was good.

But now, with the advent of the internet, network infrastructure have become much more complicated, and users can access services through different ways on all kinds of different devices.

This means that it's impossible to test every link of the chain and infer that the result at the end of it is good. Quality of Experience is a measure of the result at the end of the chain. But it raises a different question... Why does it matter?

Why should we care about QoE?

You should care about QoE because the success of your business depends largely on its ability to offer outstanding services to end-users. The ability to assess and control what your end-user can experience is critical and can dictate where a customer stays or leaves. Performance and user experience must be managed by applying the true quality of end-to-end monitoring.

We do this by putting the end-user at the heart of the business, and proactively monitoring your services. Measuring your quality of experience allows your business to monitor the performance of your services just as a real user would experience them.

And what if we didn't care about the quality of experience? Well... Imagine that a content provider is launching a new TV show on your streaming service. What would your customers think if when they pressed play it would not launch the correct episode? What would the content provider think about that? Most likely, it wouldn't have a positive impact on your business. But with the best-in-class QoE monitoring technology, you don't need to find out for yourself what those negative impacts are.

Happy customers, Happy business

Quality of Experience is crucial to guarantee user satisfaction and loyalty to a company, to a brand, and most importantly to your users and to your community. If you're interested in knowing more about how to monitor your quality of experience, visit our website! You will even be able to learn about how we help companies monitor different services.  

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