Privacy Policy at Witbe

Trust and clarity is really important to us. We care about building meaningful relationships with our customers. The protection of your personal data is crucial for us, and you will find below a description of how Witbe collects and uses your personal information.

In short, here’s what we do :

1. What data is affected by the current Privacy Policy at Witbe?

The Privacy Policy at Witbe applies to Data voluntarily given by anyone on Witbe’s websites (corporate, support, portal), during tradeshows, and during sales meetings. More specifically, Witbe’s Privacy Policy applies to Data collected :

  • When you become a customer
  • When you sign-up for Witbe newsletter
  • When you create an account on Witbe’s platforms and applications
  • When you fill out a contact form on any of Witbe websites
  • When you contact Witbe support services or sales teams
  • When you give your business card to a member of Witbe sales team
  • When you have your visitor / exhibitor pass scanned by a Witbe coworker on a tradeshow

2. What Witbe collects exactly?

We collect and store the following information :

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Company Name
  • Position in the company
  • Industry
  • Date & location your information was collected

Your “Email” allows us to communicate with you. Your “First Name” and “Last Name” enable us to personalize our content and applications, because we like to call you by your first name. Your “Company name”, “Position in the company”, “Industry”, “Date & location regarding the collection of your information” allow us to communicate a better content, that will be tailored to your needs.

3. And that’s it?

Yes, that’s it. We take great care of your personal information. We do not share it with our partners. We do not sell it to third-parties.

Witbe cares deeply about our clients’ privacy – and more broadly about the privacy of the people we communicate with every day. This is why we also want to commit ourselves on doing more in the future.

If you are wrapping your Master of Laws degree, here is the good stuff :

What about your IP address or cookies?

In some occasions, we collect your IP address and data about your browser session. We use this information to improve our system administration and to create nice bar charts for our geeks back home; we do not use, identify or collect any other personal information.

The default browsers settings are usually set to accept cookies, but you can easily change it by modifying these parameters.

Which Witbe applications or Witbe media use your personal information?

We mainly use your personal information for our support application, and for the management of our clients and leads.

After having logged into any Witbe platform, your personal information will be used to provide you with the most relevant and personalized answers to your questions. Your personal information also allows us to keep you informed about the latest news and about the release of our new technologies.

How to access your personal information?

To modify, delete or check on your stored personal information, simply request it by sending an email to: Please note that even in case of deletion or modification, we may archive some of your data (if it is legally required).

Does Witbe share your personal information?

No. We do not share your personal information to any commercial partner, or to anyone else

Where are your personal information stored?

Your personal information is stored in our database. Due to technical legalities, these databases may be hosted in a different country (and outside the EU) from the one where you initially gave us the information.

How long does Witbe store your personal information?

We store your personal information as long as your user account is active, and as long as it is necessary to deliver the services you signed-up for.

Are your personal information transferred outside the EEC?

In order to improve the quality of our services, we may share (inside the Witbe group) data involving personal information with Witbe entities located in countries outside the EEC. These countries’ legislations regarding personal information may differ from the EEC legislations. In these situations, strong security measures (physical, organizational, procedural, technical) ensure the security and the confidentiality of any personal data.

Is your personal information stored in a secure manner?

Yes, it is. For many years now, we have set up physical, technical, and organisational security process so as to prevent any alteration, loss or unauthorized access to your personal information.