Cutting-edge tech for video services

Our award-winning technology combines the Witbox hardware line with the Witbe Software Suite for a unified approach to all your testing and monitoring needs. Together, Witbe’s technology helps video service providers measure the true Quality of Experience their viewers receive.


Make work simpler with the suite life

The Witbe Software Suite is an ecosystem of interconnected programs designed to make your life so much easier. It’s built from the ground up to help you efficiently navigate the video delivery process. Plus, over 30% of Witbe employees work in R&D, meaning new features are constantly being added to improve workflow and keep you on top of the game.

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  • Remote Eye Controller

    Access your real devices from anywhere in the world

    See all your devices in one place with Mosaic Mode

    Group by device type, location, service type, and more

    Monitor live event performance in real time

    Supports Infrared, Bluetooth, RF4CE, and voice control

    Access your devices

    With the Remote Eye Controller, you don’t have to be in the same room as your real devices to test them – or even the same country. The REC enables you to access and control any device plugged into a Witbox from anywhere in the world.

  • Workbench

    Program your test scenarios easily

    No coding skills required

    Tests automatically navigate menus and submenus

    Preset templates help you get started quickly

    Android TV and RDK voice control testing support

    Program your scenarios

    Program testing scenarios easier than ever before with Workbench. Built with QA teams in mind, Workbench allows programmed scenarios to automatically test your real device just like a human user would.

  • Smartgate

    Get immediate service alerts when errors strike

    Receive notifications through email, Slack, or iOS PUSH

    Multi-level reports analyzing test result data

    Video traces of any errors available instantly

    Easily collaborate with shared data and recordings

    Analyze your data

    Get immediate alerts and video traces whenever service quality dips or gets interrupted with Smartgate. Plus, study your data and test results with deep analytics and beautiful reports highlighting the most important KPIs.

A unified approach to testing and monitoring

With complex distribution methods and hundreds of different streaming devices, evaluating service quality is a lot harder than it used to be. In this “user-centric” world, the only way to measure true Quality of Experience is by testing on real devices. That’s why Witbe’s non-intrusive technology was built to test and monitor any video service, running on any device, anywhere in the world.

The best innovative new features

  • Script tests faster than ever with Smart Navigate

    Smart Navigate is using AI to help QA teams script test scenarios ten times faster than ever before. It automatically learns menu navigation for Set-Top Boxes and video apps being tested, allowing you to simply tell it what to test. It also means that UI updates no longer require updating your old tests. Go with the flow and let Smart Navigate do all the heavy lifting!

    • Get personalized KPIs with Smartgate reports

      Smartgate organizes your data and test results into easily readable, hand-crafted reports. It highlights the most important KPIs and trends so you immediately know what is most important. You can quickly understand surface level results, or dive down as deep as you want into all the analytics. Test results have never been this fun before!

      Control your devices from anywhere with the REC

      The Remote Eye Controller lets you access your real testing devices from anywhere in the world. You even use the same remote to virtually take control from any modern web browser, including on mobile devices and tablets. No more sending engineers on long drives to manually confirm service errors!