Why Witbe?

Witbe helps companies make sure their end-users enjoy the best quality of experience possible.

We developed an automated and proactive Technology based on robots replicating users' behavior.

We can test and monitor any service, on any device, over any network.

  • Multi Service


    VoD, Live TV, Mobile Apps, etc.

  • Multi Device


    Desktop Apps, Mobiles, STB, etc.

  • Multi Network


    3/4/5G, Cable, Fiber, Wi-Fi, etc.

  • Workbench

    Replicate user's behaviors on real devices by creating scenarios using Workbench: an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. Scale your test and monitoring capabilities by creating, managing, and scheduling hundreds of scenarios effortlessly!

  • Devices

    Easily access and take control of devices in the field anywhere in the world and in real-time! Hundreds of scenarios closely replicating your users' conditions will run simultaneously on real test devices to ensure a 24/7 pro-active monitoring.

  • Reports

    Receive dynamic reports carefully crafted by our team of experts to gain knowledge on the true quality delivered to your users. Be pro-active by receiving tailored alarms on any Quality of Experience degradation detected!

How It Works

  • Setup


    Easily transcribe your user's journeys into automated scenarios.

  • Measure


    Run hundreds of scenarios round-the-clock on real devices.

  • Analyze


    Receive expertly crafted reports on your service quality.

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