MyTV Super Limited partners with Witbe for new production monitoring technology

MyTV Super Limited partners with Witbe for new production monitoring technology

San Francisco, United States – November 22, 2022 – Witbe (Euronext Growth - FR0013143872 - ALWIT), the worldwide leader in test automation and proactive monitoring, today announced a new step in their ongoing partnership with MyTV Super Limited, a subsidiary company of Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). With this agreement, Witbe will support MyTV Super’s media operation center in its effort to deliver the best possible streaming video quality for its myTV SUPER platform to customers in Hong Kong.

Witbe is no stranger to monitoring, having been at the forefront of quality of experience (QoE) testing and monitoring for over twenty years. Witbe’s revolutionary technology tests the quality of streaming video that customers receive at home. Witbe’s proprietary algorithm, VQ-MOS, tests the video and audio quality using the same metrics as a human. It also sends alerts whenever the streaming quality dips or is interrupted.

MyTV Super and Witbe have been working together since 2019 to maintain a high QoE for myTV SUPER customers in Hong Kong. Through this new agreement, the local OTT service production monitoring solution — in MyTV Super’s media operation center —will be upgraded to Witbe’s newest device, the Witbox. With the Witbox, MyTV Super’s media operation center will be able to proactively monitor VoD and Live channel services on set-top-boxes, web browsers, and even mobile devices. This is thanks to Witbe’s Mobile Screener, which allows testing support for iOS and Android mobile devices with any type of video content.

“Delivering local OTT services at an incredible video streaming quality is MyTV Super’s mission for our customers in Hong Kong,” said Rex Ching, Group CTO of TVB and president of MyTV Super Limited. “With Witbe, our media operation center will be able to test and monitor user quality of experience with greater accuracy on a larger scale.”

Witbe’s CEO Mathieu Planche also commented, “We are extremely happy to be continuing our partnership with MyTV Super in supporting their excellent myTV SUPER service. With our new line-up of Witbox products, proactive monitoring is being utilized by teams better than ever before. Witbe is proud and honored to be at the forefront of that technology.”

Additional information about Witbe’s Witbox line-up and other test automation and proactive monitoring technology is available at