Products powered by Witbe technology

Powered by our revolutionary technology, Witbe’s products can automatically test and monitor any service, running on any device, over any network. They’re the perfect fit for QA and Operations teams across the globe. Ready to learn more?


How we test and monitor

All Witbe products are built on the same powerful testing and monitoring technology. Simply plug in any real, physical device – like a Set-Top Box, iPhone, Smart TV, gaming console, Android, or OTT device – and get started. It’s as simple as that.

Witbe Suite software

  • Remote Eye Controller

    Access your devices

    With the Remote Eye Controller, testing your devices is a lot less landlocked. The REC allows you to access and control every device plugged into a Witbe product from anywhere in the world. That remote access means total freedom for your team—no more sending employees to test in the field. With our latest update, the REC is now accessible from any modern web browser—even the one in your pocket.

  • Smartgate

    Analyze your data

    Tired of finding out your service is disrupted by customer complaints? Get real-time alerts whenever your stream quality dips with Smartgate. You’ll get video traces so you can identify the issue as quickly as possible. Smartgate also analyzes the results of your testing and monitoring with beautiful reports. It can even directly compare your data to local competitors for a clear view of your service quality.

  • Workbench

    Program your scenarios

    Program testing scenarios easier than ever before with Workbench. Built with QA teams in mind, Workbench allows programmed sequences and scenarios to automatically test your device just like a human user would. Best of all, you don’t need a coding background to understand Workbench’s simple and intuitive controls. Just set up what you want and let Workbench do the heavy lifting.

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The Witbox family

Every product in our Witbox line-up will test your service on real, physical devices, whether you choose to set it up yourself or have dedicated Cloud access.

Deployed on premises

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