Witbe Technologies for Business Applications Performance Monitoring

Improve your Business Application Performance with a global QoE Monitoring

As its activities grow, a company has its business applications getting more complex, more demanded. They quickly reach the point where thousands of workers use them simultaneously, from different locations, with various types of access or requests. While those critical applications may paralyze activity as soon as they encounter a bug or a downtime, they also offer opportunities to develop new competitive advantages. In sum, it is up to the IT teams to decide whether the CRM, ERP, EPM, BI, etc… applications create—or destroy—value.In order to increase the potential of those application, and to prevent any errors that could impact productivity, satisfaction or revenues, the Witbe Technologies offer a unique approach. It is focused on the only indicator that matters: the End-User experience. They provide you with a global monitoring in real-time on any Windows, iOS and Android app, whether you should automate tests before production, benchmark different technical options, control SLAs or monitor production platforms.

A true End-User centric approach: from visual scenario creation to visual perception checking

The Witbe Application Monitoring Technology is designed to provide valuable results from easy-made scenarios, with a simple motto: “you record, they reproduce”.Free of any code writing, the new Witbe Workbench enables you to record a set of actions you make on your applications or operating system—allowing you to replicate typical End-Users’ behavior and patterns. This set of actions is then automatically sequenced into elementary steps (for each transaction) that will form the scenarios run by the Witbe Robots.Connected as your coworkers are, the Witbe Robots run the scenarios and ensure the performance, integrity and availability at each elementary steps with perceptual controls (image recognition, DOM checking, OCR). Furthermore, the Robots are compatible with any Windows, iOS or Android applications, providing you with a global Quality of Experience monitoring, whatever the devices your company may use.

Monitor at a glance using Witbe Portal and Witbe REC

Once the scenarios launched, the Witbe Portal aggregates the scenarios results reported by the Witbe Robots on a single, web-accessed interface. It allows your teams to easily monitor any aspect of your Applications’ QoE with Witbe off-the-shelf and customized dashboards. Various critical KPIs are reported: transactions response time, boot time, URL loading time, availability rate, etc… It provides your Network Operation Center (NOC) with precise real-time information about the Quality, the Integrity and the Performance of your critical Applications. Furthermore, the Witbe Technology allows any team to integrate business data to highlight the link between application performance and business performance.Concurrently, the Witbe Remote Eye Controller displays up to 200 monitored applications simultaneously and in real-time on one screen, materializing the on-going monitoring scenarios. It allows you also to take control of any application remotely, for a troubleshooting in real End-User’s conditions.

Troubleshoot in a second with Witbe Smart Alerting, Witbe REC and Witbe Smartping

In addition to the continuous monitoring of your Applications, the Witbe Technology enables your NOC teams to know immediately when, and why your Applications do not fulfil their promises.The Smart Alerting System allows the NOCs to be warned about any confirmed Application’s service deterioration through SMS, email or SNMP traps / XML exports. They can now proactively prevent any severe service interruption. Embedded in the alert, a link to the Witbe Portal provides them also with the context and the content of the failed step of the scenario.Eventually, the Witbe Smartping© Algorithm locates the bottlenecks in your network. This patented technology allows you to visualize the network routes needed by your Applications, to locate the critical nodes in your infrastructure, and to analyze their impact on the quality of the service delivered with a unique comparison feature. Not only the troubleshooting is made quicker, but you can improve the efficiency of your delivery infrastructure and enforce your Service Level Agreements with third parties.