IVR and Call Centers Monitoring

Witbe Technologies for IVR and Call Centers Monitoring

A unique End-Users’ perceptions-based Monitoring, offering a proactive prevention of any service deterioration

When companies experience millions of customers’ calls a year, the availability, the integrity and the quality of your Voices Services—Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems and Call Center (CC)—carry high stake for their revenue. An efficient service can funnel additional sales opportunities, while erratic service can quickly grows into a viral “bad buzz”. Customers expect a flawless service, and companies expect that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) be met by their Voice Services providers.If the companies bear the consequences of Voice Services performance, they can also monitor and master those services, using Witbe unique approach. With a continuous monitoring of the quality, the integrity and the performance, the Witbe Technologies allow any firm to ensure a satisfying end-to-end service from their customers’ point of view.

From End-User to Call Center Agent: true End-to-End Monitoring Technologies

The Witbe User-Centric approach enables any company to continuously test its Interactive Voice Response and Call Center services through real calls. Emulating End-Users’ / Call Center Agents’ patterns of actions 24/7, the Witbe Robots ensure that Voice Services are completely operational, whatever their protocols, codecs, workload or origin of phone call (mobile, landline or VoIP). Non-intrusive, the Witbe Robots behave like real End-User: they are capable of performing vocal / DTMF actions, allowing them to navigate and run scenario through the different stages of your IVR services. The PESQ, availability and waiting time measurements taken are then reported to the Witbe united results interface: the Witbe Portal.

A single interface to aggregate and monitor all the QoE KPIs

The Witbe Portal aggregates the scenarios results on a single, web-accessed interface, allowing your teams to easily monitor any aspect of your services’ QoE with Witbe off-the-shelf and customized dashboards. Various critical KPIs are reported: PESQ, various services’ availability, clients’ numbers database consistency, waiting time, etc… It provides your Network Operation Center (NOC) with precise real-time information about the Quality, the Integrity and the Performance of your IVR system. Truthful to the Witbe User-Centric approach, the Portal renders the End-Users perceptions as measured by the Witbe Robots into overseeable graphs and ratings.

Alerting made smart

Coupled with a smart alerting system, this continuous monitoring allows the NOCs to be warned about any confirmed service deterioration through SMS, email or SNMP trap alerts: they can now proactively prevent any severe service interruption. Embedded in the alert, a link to the Witbe Portal provides them also with the context and the content of the failed step of the scenario, for a quick and effective troubleshooting. Combined with the Portal, this unique Smart Alert System enables any firm to ensure a constant flawless Voice Service to its customers, from customers’ point of view.