Unified Communications QoE Monitoring

Witbe Technologies for Unified Communications QoE Monitoring

Useful Unified Communications involves flawless and efficient Services

The monitoring of Unified Communications environments requires unified monitoring technologies. Ensure your Unified Communication services keep their promises of efficiency and gain of productivity, anywhere and anytime your users need them, thanks to Witbe’s unique technologies.

Monitor through real End-Users’ actions

Whatever the Unified Communication Solution you’re using (Lync, Communicator, Webex, Lifesize, etc.), the Witbe Monitoring Technologies allow you to test its components and its features: voice, VoIP, mail, instant messaging services, video / audio conferences, documents / applications / calendars sharing, etc. The total control over your Unified Communication Solutions, you can ensure external / internal exchange’s fluidity, and thus boost the efficiency of your company.

Control any aspect of your Unified Communications

The Witbe Technologies is the combination of several monitoring modules: application, voice quality, email services and IVR. Combining those multiple modules, you can now monitor all your Unified Communications’ features, in addition to report their performance on homogeneous and relevant QoE KPIs. Furthermore, the details of each measure allow you to analyze the root cause of any deterioration and to optimize your Services. Eventually, the Witbe Robots are network (xDSL, Mobile Network, Wifi, …) and device (PCs, smartphones, tablets, IP phone, …) agnostic, enabling you to assess the quality of your Unified Communications, whatever the use.

Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting on one screen

In addition to be responsive and smartphone-ready, the web-based Witbe Portal provides you with a global and detailed monitoring of your Unified Communication status. The real-time dashboard, coupled with a smart alerting (SMS, SNMP trap), allows you to be immediately aware of any Service deterioration. Thanks to weekly and monthly reports, you can also pinpoint recurring Service incidents. For each incident, the details and various analyzes features of the measure are a click away, for a quick localization and understanding of the root causes of the incident. Custom and generic dashboards gives you a broad vision on the quality of your Services and the opportunity to generate instantaneous reports for your management or for SLAs enforcement.