Witbe Monitoring Technologies for Voice Services

Provide your End-Users with the expected: flawless services

Phone used to go through landlines, simply connected people through receivers. Now it is based on a patchwork of standards (VoIP, landline, mobile, etc…), and its use has been largely diversified (voicemail, IVR, telemarketing, etc). The drawback of this complexity is that the Quality deteriorations are more likely to happen.As a century-old innovation, telephone communications are today expected to be perfect and flawless: quality impairing can have huge consequences for business and brand image. Therefore Voice Monitoring has always been a critical process, whether a company needs to ensure a constant quality for its internal & external communications (to avoid acoustic incidents for example) or whether an operator needs to calibrate its own probes.The Witbe Technology for Voice Services, with its end-of-chain and non-intrusive approach, enables any company or operator to truly control the Quality to whom it really matters: the End-Users.

What matters is what they hear

Quality on the phone is expected. The impairments are the only things the End-Users will notice: blanks, delays, disconnections, etc… Witbe Technologies focuses on the End-Users’ perceptions of the calls, by using real End-Users’ devices and locations. A simple online setup starts the scenarios run by Witbe Robots. Located at the End-Users’ location, Robots perform then 24/7 Voice measures through real calls, whatever the standards (VoIP, mobile, landline) or the conditions of use. The bi-directional scenarios detect in real-time any Quality deteriorations, and report back to the Witbe Portal—or the Witbe Smart Alert System in case of severe degradation.

A single interface to aggregate and monitor all the QoE KPIs

The Witbe Portal aggregates the scenarios results on a single, web-accessed interface. It allows any team to easily monitor any aspect of the Voice services’ QoE with Witbe off-the-shelf and customized dashboards. Various critical KPIs are reported for the Voice services: PESQ-related scores, Post Dial Delay (PDD), services’ availability, average disturbance, voice delay variations, etc. The Portal provides the Quality Assurance (QA) teams with precise real-time information about the Quality, the Integrity and the Performance of the Voice Services. Truthful to the Witbe User-Centric approach, the Portal renders the End-Users perceptions as measured by the Witbe Robots into overseeable graphs and ratings.

Alerting made smart

Coupled with a smart alerting system, this continuous monitoring allows the QA teams to be warned about any confirmed service deterioration through SMS, email or SNMP trap alerts: they can now proactively prevent any severe service interruption of your services’ delivery. Embedded in the alert, a link to the Witbe Portal provides them also with the context and the content of the failed step of the scenario, for a quick and effective troubleshooting. Combined with the Portal, this unique Smart Alert System enables any company to ensure a constant and flawless Voice Services to its customers, from what matters: their points of view.