Witbe Technologies for Web and Smartphone Applications Monitoring

Control the Quality actually perceived by your Applications' End-Users

Web applications are becoming the only points of contact with their customers for a growing number of companies, and logically, an important lever for customer loyalty. The Quality of Experience of these critical applications—whether they are accessed from a desktop or a smartphone—have multiple consequences, from brand image to global revenue. For QA, Support or Marketing teams, mastering the Quality of Experience of these applications starts with an exhaustive and real-time report of their availability and performance.

Through the Witbe unique approach, the Witbe Consumer Applications Monitoring Technology gives any major company synthetic, accurate and real-time KPIs and vision on what really matters: the Quality being actually experienced by End-Users using their Web Applications.

All devices

Effortlessly monitor the End-User’s patterns, whatever their device, OS or use

Following the End-User centric approach, the Witbe Web Application Monitoring Technology focuses on the availability and the performance at the End-User’s level, whatever his condition of use. Designed to be operated by any team (Marketing, Support, QA, etc…), the Witbe Workbench is a drag-and-drop creation & deployment platform, free of any code. It enables anyone to easily record a set of actions made on the applications or operating system, allowing the quick replication of typical customer’s behavior and patterns. This set of actions is then automatically sequenced into elementary steps (for each transaction) that will form the scenarios run by the Witbe Robots.

Connected as the customers are, the Witbe Robots run the scenarios and report on the performance and availability at each elementary steps with perceptual controls (image recognition, DOM checking, OCR). The mobility of the customers and the various transfer rates (3G, 4G, Wifi, etc…) can be integrated as well through the multiple POPs of Witbe around the world. Furthermore, the Robots are compatible with any Windows desktop, iOS or Android applications, for a global Quality of Experience Monitoring covering all the devices the customers may use.

All devices

Monitor at a glance using Witbe Portal and Witbe REC

Once the scenarios launched, the Witbe Portal aggregates the scenarios results reported by the Witbe Robots on a single, web-accessed interface. It allows any IT or Support team to easily monitor any aspect of their Web Applications’ QoE with Witbe off-the-shelf and customized dashboards. Real-time KPIs about the Quality, and the Performance of their critical Applications are reported: transactions response time, boot time, URL loading time, availability rate, etc… Furthermore, the Witbe Technology allows any Sales or Marketing team to integrate business data to highlight the link between application performance and business performance.

Concurrently, the Witbe Remote Eye Controller displays up to 200 monitored Web Applications, simultaneously and in real-time on one screen. Materializing the on-going monitoring scenarios, the Witbe REC ensures a 360° vision on the different OS & versions’ status with this mosaic view. In addition, any of the casted Web Applications can be selected and controlled remotely for a troubleshooting in HD, in the exact same conditions than a real End-User.

All devices

Troubleshoot in a second with Witbe Smart Alerting and Witbe Smartping

The Witbe Technology enables IT & Support teams to know immediately when and why Web Applications do not offer a proper experience at the End-User level. It combines two unique algorithms: Smart Alerting System & Witbe Smartping©.

The Smart Alerting System warns the IT & Support teams about any confirmed Web Application’s service deterioration through SMS, email or SNMP traps / XML exports. They can now proactively prevent any severe service interruption. Embedded in the alert, a link to the Witbe Portal provides them also with the context and the content of the failed step of the scenario.

Revolutionizing the troubleshooting, the Witbe Smartping© Algorithm then pinpoints potential bottlenecks in any network. This patented technology logs the network routes needed by any Web Applications. Locating the critical nodes in the infrastructure, it analyzes their impact on the Experience delivered with a unique comparison feature. Used with the Witbe REC, the Witbe quick response system gives any Web Applications provider the power to improve the efficiency of the delivery infrastructure and to enforce the Service Level Agreements with third parties.