New logo, new website, new Witbe

New logo, new website, new Witbe

Witbe the leader in Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring, enhances its visual identity.

Under the new Marketing team’s directive, this redesign is a necessary transformation of Witbe’s image to fit the current dynamic better. Without forgetting the past, this new logo evolves on the experience and expertise we have gained over the years. It unites seriousness and simplicity, while still becoming more modern. More refined and efficient, this rebrand solidifies the company’s stance as an industry leader in QoE monitoring and represents the dynamism and wit of Witbe’s teams. Aligning around this new direction, this redesign can first be seen on the company’s website.

More functional and instructional, the new website offers a clear and precise overview of the different ways Witbe continues to revolutionize how we measure and control the quality of a service. This website innovates on the way we present the products while aggregating many articles and resources to better understand the necessity of Witbe’s Technology in a user-centric world. It’s an evolution and this new identity will also be at the core of all the products we will be announcing in the coming weeks.

«It was essential for Witbe to develop this new graphical identity to represent the values of the company better while preserving our co-founder’s essence.» commented Mathieu Planche, Chief Executive Officer of Witbe. «Developed internally by our new marketing team, this new logo and website is the new step of our Operation Orion. The work continues, and many new items will be announced before the end of the year, including new product innovations.»

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