VoD asset checking


Ensure your content is playing correctly

Witbe’s VoD asset checking technology was built to help content providers verify that their content libraries are working as intended. Testing across platforms and devices will ensure that every episode is available and playing correctly, alongside every subtitle and language option it should have.

Test your service’s true quality.

  • Helping content providers

    Content providers know that content distribution is not a streamlined process. Even if your content is available exclusively on your own app, that app is expected to run perfectly across dozens of different devices and platforms – which are running on different networks in different countries. Witbe’s VoD Asset Checking technology was made to help. It can check that every single asset is available and playing correctly, using the same metrics that a human user would to measure performance.

  • Testing wherever you need it

    Witbe’s VoD Asset Checking technology can test your content library on any real device that it runs on. With one of our Witbox devices, simply deploy the device wherever you want it and begin automated testing. You can also choose our Witbe Cloud Devices plan, where you receive secure and dedicated access to the testing technology you need without having to set anything up yourself. Simply tell us what device you want to test and where you need it, and leave the rest to us.

  • Checking video playback quality

    Witbe’s VoD Asset Checking technology evaluates the video performance your customers are receiving at home by measuring the same criteria as a human user. Our technology can test how long a video takes to buffer before it plays, as well as any additional rebuffering time, the quality of the video being delivered, the number of ad breaks a user receives, and even the average volume of those ads against the content, ensuring that ads are not playing too loudly in the stream.

  • Checking the app works as intended

    Streaming video performance is about more than just the actual video. Witbe’s VoD Asset Checking technology also checks to ensure that app-oriented features are working as intended, including subtitle availability, language options, that “next”, “previous”, and “pause” buttons are working correctly, and even that suggested content options are popping up. Since Witbe tests directly on the same app your customers use, you can measure the true performance quality they receive at home.

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