Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology wins Product of the Year Award

At the 2024 NAB Show, Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology was recognized by the 2024 Product of the Year Awards. The awards, selected by a panel of industry experts, recognize the “most significant and promising new products introduced at the annual NAB trade show in Las Vegas.” Ad Monitoring and Matching was awarded Best Monitoring and Measuring Tool in the “Connect” category.

NAB Product of the Year 2024

Launched last year, Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology helps video service providers identify streaming errors caused by Dynamic Ad Insertion. The technology tests streaming ads on real devices and monitors for common errors including black screens, buffering, repeated ads, audio issues, and problems returning to the main content. With the Ad Matching feature, providers can locate when an ad played in a stream and verify how it performed.

As Witbe noted in their entry summary, “Witbe’s technology tests and monitors real, physical devices — the only way to measure the true performance and errors that viewers receive at home. It non-intrusively records the exact video that is seen on a screen without altering anything. This leads to an accurate report of the most important key performance indicators for video service providers. For all providers who rely on dynamically inserted ads, Witbe’s Ad Monitoring and Matching technology is essential.”

“These winners represent the most cutting-edge advancements and technologies shaping the future of content creation, distribution, and monetization,” said Eric Trabb, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Success Officer at NAB Global Connections and Events. “Congratulations to Witbe for winning the prestigious 2024 NAB Show Product of the Year Award, a testament to the groundbreaking innovation embodied by their Ad Monitoring and Matching technology. Its profound impact on the content lifecycle underscores its pivotal role in empowering storytellers to navigate present challenges and embrace the opportunities of tomorrow.”

Witbe was honored to have our Ad Monitoring and Matching technology recognized for its value to the industry when dealing with ad-supported streaming video. The technology is available now through the Witbe Software Suite. To learn more about our Ad Monitoring and Matching technology and how Witbe can help video service providers worldwide, contact us today!