Witbe’s Smart Navigate AI algorithm wins Best of Show Award

At the 2024 NAB Show, Witbe’s Smart Navigate AI algorithm was awarded with a Best of Show Award from TV Tech. Smart Navigate, which was added last year to Witbe’s Workbench software, allows QA teams to script test scenarios up to ten times faster. The Best of Show Awards recognize “outstanding products and solutions in the technology and media industries on show at NAB.”

Smart Navigate speeds up the process of scripting automated test scenarios. It uses machine learning to automatically understand the structure of a video app or Streaming Media Box menu. Witbe’s technology tests and monitors real devices connected to a Witbox, which can now navigate and test apps without having every step of the process scripted in advance. This has significantly reduced the time required to script new test scenarios and update existing ones after UI changes.

As Witbe noted in their entry summary, “For testing teams dealing with constant new updated versions of their apps, it’s a huge change. On Workbench, scripting an advanced QA test has gone from a six-hour to a two-hour task. While updating a thousand tests with a small UI change used to take a month, with Smart Navigate it is achieved automatically and instantly.”

TV Tech wrote that Smart Navigate received the award on the criteria of “innovation, features, cost efficiency, and performance in serving the industry.” Witbe was honored to have Smart Navigate recognized for its innovative use of AI to help service providers in practical ways. The feature is available now in the Witbe Software Suite. To learn more about Smart Navigate and how Witbe’s automated testing and monitoring technology can help QA teams, contact us today!

NAB Best of Show Award 2024